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Clearview Towing Mirrors Clearview Towing Mirrors are a full replacement towing mirror which can be extended out for towing and pushed back in when not required. This means they are mounted as a direct replacement for your standard side mirrors A clever design incorporates two different surfaces that provide different but important visuals. The top mirror has a flat surface that can reflect vision directly down the sides of your caravan, while the bottom smaller convex mirror eliminates blind spots by allowing you enormous vision out to the lanes beside your vehicle. Easy adjustments will allow you to quickly switch the mirror to possible areas of concern, like tyres, wheels or undercarriage of your caravan. Originally designed for towing caravans, boats, horse floats and large trailers, they are also ideal for utes with wide traybacks and motorhomes. The Clearview Towing Mirrors come in a range of two colours that will suit most vehicles. Black Finish Chrome Finish

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